William Fiedtkou is the founder, Music Director and inspiration for SBYMA. William has been involved in music since childhood, the eldest of 3 siblings born in Georgetown, Guyana South America. He started playing music at age 6. William's family started playing together as a family band when he was 8 years old. They traveled together playing music throughout South America for more than 5 years, then played in Barbados, Trinidad, Surnam, and Venezuela. The family played in churches, for Presidents, Prim Ministers, television programs and in concert halls. While touring in South America, they recorded an album called The Musical Family.

In 1988, the Fiedtkou family moved to the United States and recorded their second album, Give it a Try. The family band stayed active playing churches, private parties and public venues. These gigs included performances for some high profile entertainers including Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas, Jeff Bridges Barbara Streisand, Pricilla Presley, Rob Lowe and many others. They played the Mirage Hotel for one year and eventually settled down in Santa Barbara. The band still gets together on occasion under the name Georgetown. William graduated from the OSHA School of Arts playing guitar and piano. He has an AA in Liberal Arts with honors from SB City College and is currently in the process of attaining a BA at UCSB. He is happily married with two beautiful (and musically talented) children.